Maintenance of climbing shoes

[This site - shoes and life] hiking shoes is designed specifically for climbing and travel shoes, very suitable for outdoor sports. Water resistance is the primary function of modern hiking shoes. The waterproof breathability of hiking shoes is unmatched by general sports shoes.

For the maintenance of hiking shoes, first of all, try to keep the shoes clean, especially after each activity, at least use a brush to brush off the dirt on the shoes. Most shoes can be cleaned with neutral soap and clean water (be careful not to clean it with detergent). Wet shoes will drain the water and put the newspaper in a cool and ventilated place. Do not use fire or drying machine to dry. It will destroy the material of the shoes (especially Gore-Tex shoes).

The debris inside the shoe is clean and the insole is removed for cleaning. After the shoes are dry, apply leather protection to the leather (but be careful that Gore-Tex's shoes don't apply leather to nylon cloth, which will affect the air permeability). When applying leather protection, spread it evenly with your fingers, help the leather absorb the oil through the body temperature, and pay special attention to the oil at the seam.

Shoes (especially the leather part) should be maintained regularly. It is best to develop habits and clean and maintain immediately after each activity. When the shoes are not in use, they should be placed in a dry, constant temperature, dust-free place so that they can make the shoes more durable and stay in top condition. After all, shoes are a tool for outdoor activities. In addition to providing foot comfort, protecting the foot will not cause sports injuries.

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