Lee Lang Men 2012 winter simple but not simple

Simple but not simple, not just a slogan it. Whether it is brand content or product style, all reflect the simple spirit of Lang. Lee Lang Men's winter clothing products in 2012 have a greater breakthrough in style and fabric, splicing practices and then continue the fashion details of the design highlights, bringing consumers more surprises and shocks, it is worth the wait. Lee Lang Lilanz, a well-known men's brand from Italy, adhering to the world of Fashion Court of all demeanor. In 1990, Hong Kong Lee Lang chose Quanzhou in the Golden Triangle of Minnan as the beginning of Lee Lang's career in China. For ten years, we have been leading the way in fashion and quality. Because we know how to European classic design style, exquisite craftsmanship, and China's clothing culture, the perfect combination of consumer characteristics. We employ the best of China's top ten designers in the show, the pursuit of quality, commitment to innovation, to create profound meaning for you, extraordinary taste, great life wisdom of the successful man image. High quality, sophisticated craftsmanship with every detail. In 1998, Li Lang Lilanz passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, further reflects the manufacturer's ingenuity. It is these design and quality advantages that make the full range of products such as suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, ties and belts branded "Lilanz" well-known to every consumer who pursues quality Approval and praise. As a result, Lilanz Lilanz was named brand-name products in Fujian Province, became China's well-known brand protection organizations. In marketing, Lilanz introduced advanced international models to promote the franchise system nationwide. The establishment of the "image, product, service and management" as one of the franchise management system, Lee Lang Lilanz's sales outlets throughout the country has all over the city In addition, group customization is also a major feature of the Lee Lang marketing, for this purpose, Group customer pre-sales and after-sales service system. Lilanz will continue to uphold the "intention to create, the pursuit of perfection," the purpose of Lilanz Lilanz committed to creating newer fashion, elegant interpretation of the grade, so that every man with Lilang glow glow.

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