"Deer Embroidery" WORTHY 九鹿 王 men's clothing release 2013 spring and summer new products

WORTHY Nine Deer Wang men's clothing released the spring and summer 2013 new product, 2013 pass, nine deer king men's "deer embroidery" element as the gene, throughout the entire product line, launched the classic regression, exotic fusion, elegant style, urban vitality of the four themes Series of products. The main target of the nine deer Wang consumer groups are mature business men, this season WORTHY nine deer king with a mix of new fashion elements of fabrics, designers as the urban elite as a tourist's point of inspiration, from all over the world with rich ethnic Elements of culture to absorb elements, wild neutral colors mixed with elegant, quiet, warm bright colors, style outline simple and delicate, simple with a refreshing, elegant and yet personality, everywhere showing the delicate life and The pursuit of unique taste, so that men in the city's bustling downtown can also fly mood, enjoy casual relaxed. WORTHY nine deer king "wisdom, passion, enterprising" brand spirit, advocated full of passion and vitality of life, promote an optimistic, positive and progressive attitude to life, this is the "nine deer king - life by Yue"!

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