Anei children Christmas promises to create a festive fairy tale feast

On the floors of the Christmas tree, covered with crystal-clear crystal lights, the whole tree flashes brightly and becomes the signal of the bustling metropolis to greet the festival. The Christmas themed maze of corrugated paper and western paper-cut cuts through time and space , The aurora of Santa Claus's hometown while floating for a while, and the forest animals singing the festival's carols for a while ... Despite a month's time away from Christmas, it was clear that Christmas and the end of the year apparently had flown to the public in advance. Christmas is no longer just a "New Year" for Westerners, but the Chinese people give it more romantic and lovely story meanings. Every Christmas, each city will have a variety of activities, businesses have promotions; schools have fun; friends have a party, Christmas can receive the gifts of Santa Claus, is the wish of many children. Anya children's wear just shared 16th birthday cake, witnessed the growth together. With this joy, Ananer then with the children of the country a Christmas promise. In the country's major Anner children's counters and stores, has begun intense preparations for the Christmas carnival activities with children, sleds, bells, ribbons ... ... Christmas elements with beautiful colors and beautiful children meet, Aner's The fairy tale world is full of holiday mystery. Beijing Zhong You Department Store Anaier counter person in charge, "beginning of November this year, our Thanksgiving activities are much more, just the past 16th anniversary Thanksgiving feedback consumer activities, so many old customers get benefits. Today we have just access To the notice, a new round of Thanksgiving Christmas gifts began again, as long as the customer spending over 398 yuan, there is a chance to participate in the lottery of Christmas activities, when Santa Claus will personally go to the festival for children gifts, round children's Fairy tale dream. "Anai Er staff just put this event display out, there are many parents come to ask, we can see, Christmas Thanksgiving feedback consumer activities not only business expectations, consumers are looking forward to. Weekend shopping malls, shopping crowd in an endless stream, especially the baby area. Moms' "sense of smell" are extremely sensitive. Recently, various well-known children's clothing brands have introduced various activities that give back to consumers and mothers are free to buy new clothes for their children. Just to give her own baby at Anner to buy a latest version of the long coat, Ms. Lee still confessed, but also picked a sweater and a pair of jeans. "Anai children wear good clothes, children wear comfortable, just in time to catch up with activities, buy a few more, this winter, I do not have to worry about buying new clothes for the children." Know that Anna Christmas activities To be on the line, Ms. Lee was extremely concerned about the clerk asked, did not expect just to meet the conditions, so lucky to become the first Christmas of the counter participants. For the Christmas business battle in advance staged, the person in charge admitted that the pre-Christmas pre-warming activity is mainly to test the market reaction, a few months at the end of a variety of promotional discounts to get together so consumers will inevitably "aesthetic fatigue", therefore, this year Christmas They hit an innovative card to provide a more intimate service, the Santa Claus in the fairy tale into the real world, a surprise to the children, to create a different, full of fairy tale festivals.

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Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Mesh

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