"Love Ladder" couples witness the legendary love

Love is sweet and beautiful, and everyone is the most desirable. But there are also ups and downs in love. When people who love each other taste the sweetness of love, they will share the same difficulties. Because of love, so do not fear difficulties and obstacles; because of love, so cherish each other, China Jewelry Merchants Network Xiaobian today to bring you a romantic love story, but also recommend a beautiful couple ring.

In 2012, among the top ten Chinese people, one old couple was rated as moving Chinese characters, and their love story is also considered to be one of the “Top Ten Classic Love Stories in China”. The old couple who are acquainted with each other are Xu Chaoqing and her wife Liu Guojiang. In the 1950s, 20-year-old Liu Guojiang fell in love with Xu Chaoqing, who is 10 years older than him, in order to avoid the secular gaze. They joined hands in the mountains of 1,500 meters above sea level for a lifetime. In order to make it easy for his sweetheart to travel, Liu Guojiang used his life to cut more than 6,000 stone ladders on the cliffs, which is called the "Love Ladder."

Their love legends make people remember for a long time, this pure love makes the world moved. For more than 50 years, I have built a love ladder for my heart, and I have long since passed away. The designer of Baodi has created this couple ring according to the story of “Love Ladder”. You can see that this couple ring has a brushed ring face, which makes the wearer wear a subtle elegance; It is the trace of a moment of heart, the mark of loving one's life. The female ring is engraved with "love", and the male ring is engraved with "forever", the eternal true love, the love of a lifetime. For those who are moved by the "Love Ladder", customize a beautiful couple ring for your sweetheart! Choose different metals, engrave your vows, and love your heart will never stop. Treasure, start customizing!

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