High Heels: A Beautiful Poison

[This site - shoes and life] people's feet due to many strong muscles, ligaments, each foot bones are linked together and arched, which is often referred to as the arch. The arch has a strong elasticity, which can buffer the shock and protect the human body, allowing the body's gravity to be distributed to various points of the foot, and ensuring the stability of the person when standing, while avoiding direct pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the foot. If the arch collapses or disappears, a flat foot is formed.

If the structure of the arch is poorly developed or due to various injuries, the arch disappears to form a flat foot. Some are hereditary. Some flat feet do not feel uncomfortable, while others have pain and affect walking.

From the point of view of physical beauty, high-heeled shoes can highlight their beautiful figure and add a bit of grace, but it is based on the premise of “highly appropriate”. If the heel is too high, all sorts of drawbacks will be revealed, leaving the health hidden.

High-heeled shoes are the most direct damage to the feet. A person walks and has three points on the soles to support weight, two forefoot and one heel. With the increase of the heel, the focus moves forward, and most of the body weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot.

Excessive pressure on the forefoot leads to osteoarthritis or hypertrophy of the joint capsule. An overly high heel causes the calf muscles to tighten and shrink, and the tendons of the arches are pulled. Over time, the tendons will become loose and the arches will lose their support and collapse, resulting in flat feet.

Flat foot weight is a precaution, although in a formal occasion, a pair of decent high heels is still necessary, but usually the height of the heel is proportional to its harm to the body. Any height of heels can cause changes in the force of the foot, but only the extent and size of the problem. Many domestic experts agree that the height of the heel should not exceed 5 cm. A heel height of 2 to 3 cm is more appropriate.

When you walk in high heels, you should be correct, your toes should be straight forward, your hips should be tight, and your upper body should be straight. This can avoid uneven pressure distribution, thereby improving the phenomenon of edema in the legs and feet, promoting blood circulation, and away from soreness in the legs. Moreover, high heels can not be worn for too long. It is advisable to wear 4 to 5 hours a day.

After reading the above article, the beauty-conscious ladies must pay attention. Beauty is important, and health is the most precious. Try to reduce the chance of wearing high heels in your daily life and work. Even if you wear high heels, you must learn to relax your feet and get your feet properly rested. Finally, I wish all women can be healthy and beautiful.

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