Joker fruit children's casual Joker enjoy the beautiful childhood

For children's clothing needs, with the trendy elements of the forefront of the fashion season, for their design to show their good childhood clothes, wild style simple fashion, is a good choice for mothers to choose BABY clothing Oh! Flip-down jacket take the orange cartoon T-shirt, the color contrast is very eye-catching, lovely lively personality enjoy! Bright red rose jacket, it is suitable for small lollies dressed, personality publicity, childhood memories like the color of the clothes as good ~ Joining conditions: 1. Recognition of the fruit chain business philosophy. 2. Have the management of the fruit chain strength Franchise stores. 3. There are still local business places. 4 with or without experience. 5. Have a good business reputation, business ethics and integrity-based business philosophy. 6. Emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. 7. To fully understand the understanding, acceptance and implementation of the headquarters set business philosophy, models and methods.


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