Five characteristic indicators of velveteen fabric

1. Vill section coverage Villi section coverage is the sum of the cross-sectional area of ​​the pile and the total area of ​​the ground cloth. The high coverage of fluff cross-section means that the fullness of the fleece is good.

2. The height of the pile fluff is the average height of the single pile on the surface of the fabric after cutting the pile. When the pile height is high, the suede is straight and the elasticity is poor, but the suede is relatively full.

3. Fullness of suede fullness The fullness of suede is the volume of hair on the ground cloth per unit area. It contains two factors of fluff coverage and fluff height. The unit of suede fullness is "secret." The higher the "secret" number, the richer the suede. Common weft velveteen suede fullness is about 11 meters, the velveteen suede fullness is about 15 meters.

4. Vill Consolidation Tightness Vill Consolidation Tightness is the extent to which the pile yarn is pressed by the ground warp yarns and the pressed warp warp yarns in the fabric. The greater the degree of consolidation, the better the fixation of fluff, and the less likely hair removal. The consolidation tightness of weft velvet is expressed by the tissue tightness in the direction of the cashmere weft yarn, and its value is equal to the fabric warp tightness plus the sum of the tightness of the pile yarn and warp yarn interweaving point. The tightness of fluff consolidated by velveteen means that the pile warp yarns are squeezed by the weft yarns in the weave of the fabric.

5, suede coverage uniformity Suede coverage uniformity is expressed by the ratio of warp and weft to warp and weft spacing. It is an important indicator of whether a good velveteen style can be achieved. The coverage uniformity of fluff is as close to 100% as possible. When this index is equal to 100%, it means that the interval between the warp and weft is equal, and the cashmere fluff is distributed evenly, plumply, without any shadow, and has a good velveteen style.

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