Men's wear in Wenzhou sells for the most expensive 12,000 yuan/piece into a high-end menswear manufacturing base

According to the latest survey results of the General Chamber of Commerce, the city’s 16 high-end men’s apparel enterprises produced 9.785 million senior men’s garments (pieces and sets) last year, with a total output value of 9.17 billion yuan. The average price of 16 main products in the market is 3,807 yuan, the highest price is 12,000 yuan, and the output of high-end men's clothing with market prices over 5,000 yuan is 1.569 million pieces (pieces).

Recently, the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, the Municipal Garment Merchants Association and the Australian Wool Bureau jointly held a global high-end menswear cooperation forum in Shanghai. More than 100 industry giants from the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and China participated in the conference. At the forum, the participating guests reached a consensus: Wenzhou has become the manufacturing base for high-end men's wear worldwide.

It is reported that after 20 years of rapid development, Wenzhou has more than 3,000 clothing manufacturing and distribution companies with an annual output value of more than 58 billion yuan. It has 16 well-known Chinese trademarks, 9 Chinese famous brands and 17 national inspection-free products. In the area of ​​menswear manufacturing in China, Wenzhou has the closest international cooperation in manufacturing, and is an important manufacturing base for high-end apparel, both international and domestic.

The sample survey conducted by the General Chamber of Commerce also showed that the scale of the 16 senior menswear manufacturing brands in Wenzhou, including Baoxi Bird, Fafa, and Zhuangji, reached 738,000 square meters, employing nearly 20,000 employees, designers and various engineering technologies. Nearly 500 people. Among them, only Zhebao Bird Family has 28 foreign designers who have been stationed in Wenzhou.

In addition, the world's top menswear brand has always favored Wenzhou manufacturing process. The world famous brands that cooperate with Wenzhou are Armani, Zegna, Versace, Gucci, SARAR, Martha and other hundreds of international high-end brands. At the same time, Wenzhou men's production equipment, is also a world-class, including Germany Dukerp, Japan Heavy Machinery, Italy, such as the world famous brands.

In addition, the City Garment Chamber of Commerce also plans to use one year to plan the establishment of "the global high-end men's leader club" to integrate the global high-end men's clothing from the brand, manufacturing, and even the elite of the entire industry chain. Mai

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