Romantic Christmas approaches online shopping presents popular in colleges

Romantic Christmas is approaching online shopping presents popular in colleges and universities Seeing the end of the semester, and catching up with Christmas, the undergraduates are facing the “economic constraints” and the “Olympic Festival,” which cannot be overdone. In this contradiction, the students are eyeing the Internet for purchase. The online variety is complete. Affordable, it has become the most preferred shopping venue for students.

At noon on the 7th, Jilin Agricultural University girls squatted indoors, three or five piles of parcels into a hill, more than a dozen students leaned forward to search for "search", the scene is very lively. To find sweaters purchased on the Internet, Yang Nan said, “It's almost Christmas. I want to buy a sweater and give it to my boyfriend. I can sell it too expensive in the mall. I buy more on the internet.”

The author understands that most of these packages are "Christmas gifts" purchased by students through the Internet. Yang students told the author that Christmas is coming. Everyone is wondering what gifts to buy and send friends. At the end of the year, everyone is basically in a period of “economic constraints.” In addition, prices have risen sharply, and the price of gifts has risen steadily. After visiting the store, I found that my favorite gifts are all over a hundred dollars. When I reach out and ask my parents for money, I always feel guilty. I can look at my classmates again. However, Christmas always feels less, so I will Save money on living expenses and buy affordable gifts online.

It is understood that there are quite a few college students like Yang, and college students have chosen to buy Christmas gifts online without leaving their homes. A “Christmas shopping wind” is also blowing up at the university campus. "Online shopping is more for economic reasons," stressed Yang.

The author learned that on the eve of Christmas, many college students have given up on traditional shops to buy Christmas gifts and have moved to "shops." They usually start planning gifts many days in advance, set a good goal, go straight to the Internet, and shop around and send the goods to the other party.

On the morning of the same day, the author logged in to Taobao, entered the product keyword “Christmas Tree” and found that there were more than 88,846 Christmas trees for sale. A Crown seller told the author that last year Taobao did not appear to have a hot Christmas tree, but this year the Christmas tree sold very well online.

According to a seller’s transaction record, a Christmas tree with a price of RMB 108 and a height of 1.8 meters sells 114 trees a month. With the cooling down, the sweaters and scarves that play "warm cards" have become a new way to send Christmas gifts to each other.

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