Adi Wang unveiled NBA "shanzhai marketing" to generate hundreds of millions of revenue

Slobber and bricks fly together. With the help of CCTV 5 sets of NBA broadcasts and the network's "viral type" spread, sports brand Addi was once again "famous for a big earthquake," and it achieved incredible popularity with extremely low-cost cottage marketing.

On January 4th, Beijing time, the CCTV Sports Channel continued to broadcast the NBA regular season, and the Denver Nuggets played against the Houston Rockets at home. However, after the game, it was probably not the game itself but the billboard standing on the sidelines. A LOGO similar to adidas, and five huge Chinese characters "Chinese King Addi".

After the game, a video of “NBA Jingying China’s Addie King” quickly became popular on video sites such as Potato, Cool6, and Sina Video; while on the Cats’ Firefighting Online, two screenshots of “Adi King’s shocking NBA, Jiandiao Adi” were even more. It is getting more than 63,000 hits in one day.

Where is "Chinese King Addi" sacred?

The spoof marketing caused by Adi Wang Blush network Abdi's origin can not attract many eyeballs, and Anta, Peak and Other sports brands have already entered the NBA market, King Addi also from Fujian Jinjiang, but its history is more short-term, only 4 year. But in such a short period of time, King Addi was also able to quickly become popular.

The author learned that as early as 2009, the article “I saw a brand called 'Addi today'” by a cat flapping net friend opened the prelude to the brand's network. This full text is just a little over 60 words and said: "I saw a brand of athletic shoes called 'Adi' today. The slogan of Others is 'Everything can change'! My God, this world is still awkward. All of them have 啥 啥 啥 slogans, and they all learn from others..."

Because its inverted triangle logo is very similar to Adidas, and the brand name is also quite imitative to Adidas's suspicion, King Addi was quickly used by users to "hack the adidas" as the subject of endless "spoofing", not only its advertising creativity and The advertising language report is based on the evaluation of "Ray". It even devalues ​​"Adi King" as "the peak brand of the universe." Its advertising spokesperson was originally a U.S. low-level league player, but it was followed by netizens following Jordan and Kobe. A "basketball superstar." In the Baidu Encyclopedia, the explanation about “Adi King” is simply “spoofing” and it is totally impossible to see what kind of brand it is. As more and more netizens joined the "spoofing" movement, "Adi King" became famous and quickly became popular. In the industry, King Addi even has the reputation of the most successful cottage brand.

In response, King Addi did not show any dissatisfaction and never commented on the arguments of all parties. Undoubtedly, "spoofing" helped King Adi a big favor.

Although sales have already passed 100 million yuan, it is not only because they have obvious names. However, after browsing the official website of King Addi, the author discovered that the brand had just been awarded the title of “Quanzhou Famous Brand” in 2010 and was the second in 2010. The Asian Cup women's volleyball match was designated as a leisure sports brand, and it has long since obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification issued by the China Quality System Certification Center. According to an industry insider in Guangzhou, King Adi’s products are also “very satisfactory” in sales across the country. Its stores are located in major provinces and cities across the country, and sales have already broken 100 million yuan.

Hp Li Dongdong, Manager of Public Relations of Peak Sports, told the author that brands such as Adi’s main brand are in the second and third tier cities of consumer clusters. These consumers are not very aware of the brand. Compared with other products, there is a greater price advantage. The reporter also saw from the official flagship store set up by Adi Wang on Taobao. The price of the sports shoes of the brand is mostly between 150 and 200 yuan. Compared with the more well-known domestic brands sold on the market, it is indeed a lot cheaper.

Hou Lidong also expressed his understanding of Mr. Adi’s "spoofing" marketing. In his opinion, smaller brands such as King Adi did not invest too much in marketing because of their limited funds and strength. To gain a certain degree of recognition, they really need to “innovate”. "I adore the merchants." Hou Lidong admits that although Jinjiang has gathered a considerable number of sports brands, it basically has its own brand positioning and marketing methods, and there are basically no problems among major manufacturers. This is in other areas. The industry is rare.

Adidas has not yet responded to an unusually normal NBA broadcast. Suddenly King Addi fired again.

According to report, before the live broadcast of the game on January 4th, King Addi’s flagship store on Taobao also advertised on the home page. “Adi Wang sponsors the Nuggets, and the western team has two live broadcasts in January. The game time is 10:00 on January 4 against the Rockets, and the second time is against the Suns at 10 o'clock on January 12. Please pay attention to the exciting events. According to the aforementioned industry sources, the sports brand agents in Guangzhou have long been Learn this news.

In this regard, the author sought confirmation from Adiwang Company, but company officials said that the main leaders were on business trips and could not get in touch. However, according to King Adi’s flagship store sales staff on Taobao, it was true that King Adi had cooperation with the NBA, but the specific cooperation methods and the cost of cooperation were unknown.

Hou Lidong introduced to the author, and Peak and other brands and the NBA's cooperation is different, King Adi's landing this NBA is most likely only with the NBA Alliance Denver Nuggets Club cooperation, and its investment estimates also hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peak is partnering with the NBA Alliance and has become an official partner in the Asia Pacific region. It can use the NBA logo and participate in its activities in the Asia Pacific region.

In fact, there is a precedent for China's sporting goods brands to cooperate with the NBA, and it is not new for King Addi to land in the NBA arena. The reason why it caused “surroundings” is due to the origin of King Addi and Adidas.

As we all know, Adidas was born in 1948 has long been the NBA's global partner, King Adi this time under the "cottage version of Adidas" hat openly into the NBA, Adidas will feel?

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