Youngor: Strengthening Talent Strategy to Prepare Marketing Orders

The talent strategy is an important strategy of Youngor's 4th Five-Year Plan, and marketing talent is a particularly important branch of the talent army. In order to nurture these talents, Youngor has increased its investment in scholarships and scholarships for cooperative colleges and universities, and dispatched Youngor related personnel to order classes to provide students with practical training at any time. Changing the fate of one person can sometimes also change one's own destiny. Changing the fate of thousands of people can make our company's 'fate' more glorious.

Youngor has currently held three cadre training courses, and about 20 first-line marketing managers have received **** from universities.

On November 8th, all students of 2010 Youngor Marketing Order Class of Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technology College came to Youngor with their dean. During the meeting with the teachers and students, Chairman Li Rucheng made four requests to the students: First, to strengthen the use of foreign languages; Second, to adapt to the pace of information technology companies; Third, to strengthen marketing capabilities; Fourth, to enhance the level of supply chain management.

What is the concept of Youngor's marketing order class? Wang Meizhen, dean of the Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational Technical College (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Textile Institute), told the author: “Students are not selected from freshmen admitted to the school, but are selected in their college entrance examinations and volunteered. The professional name on the enrollment sequence is called ' Youngor's marketing order class.', This is to ensure that this class has a certain interest in clothing marketing."

In addition to marketing marketing, talented clothing marketing personnel must understand garment design, apparel market, and even international fashion trends to make accurate judgments for the direction of apparel marketing. At present, when the company recruits sales personnel, it favors those who have systematically trained in the discipline of clothing, and have certain aesthetic, artistic appreciation, market research and analysis capabilities. Youngor is currently facing a strategic transformation. Sticking to a market-oriented approach, strengthening its sales force construction is the key. In order to ensure the vitality of this team, Youngor has taken this line of training talent long.

During the Youngor's marketing and ordering class students' visit during Youngor's visit, they all resonated: High-quality and talented professional terminal operators have a good prospect in the future. The professionalization of the garment industry from production lines to management talents is a must for the development of the entire garment industry in China. As far as the sales terminal market is concerned, talented professionals such as image builders in the apparel industry will gradually receive the attention of the employing companies.

“After returning to school, my classmates’ enthusiasm for learning has increased significantly. In the past, they were all Jay Chou in the MP3, and now they have become English. Every morning, people read English on the lawn, because the chairman said that Youngor needs an international marketing talent.” Zhang Zhiping, dean of Spinning School Business School, said. Liu Jianchang, deputy dean of the college, also brought the curriculum form to the author. Originally, in order to be more targeted, 11 courses such as “buyers’ system” and “commercial public relations and etiquette” were added.

Liu Jianchang said: "The entire college, these courses only the students of the 90 order classes in school, I think their future qualities, but also the characteristics of Youngor needs." School of marketing, responsible for the task of teaching classes, director of the Department of Marketing Xiaowen said: To enable students to apply what they have learned, we have set up a training room where students can negotiate 'drills'."

Zhejiang Textile Institute Youngor Marketing Order Class is one of Youngor's projects for talent training in marketing. Not long ago, Youngor Group and Shaanxi International Business School jointly set up the “Yarge Fashion Institute of Shaanxi International Business School”. The newly established "Yorge Institute of Textiles and Clothing of the Shaanxi International Business College" will be included in the national management series of colleges and universities. Training marketing talent is also one of the College's main objectives. In addition, Youngor has a long-term training of marketing talents at Donghua University. history.

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