Zhu Huaijiang, Ph.D., Peking University: The shoes and apparel industry acquired the foreign brand's appearance

In the post-crisis era, the reshuffled market has provided room for eagerly growing Chinese domestic shoe and clothing brands. Some Chinese shoe and clothing companies with rich ambitions have created waves of acquisition frenzy: Wenzhou Chenglong. The company acquired the trademarks of Pierre Cardin and other four brands in China. Aokang Group acquired the ownership of Greater China's Greater China trademarks and patents. Youngor acquired Hong Kong Xinma Group, and Li Ning acquired the LOTTO brand in China for 20 years. Proxy rights, Daphne acquired FullPearl ... ... In this regard, Dr. Zhu Huaijiang Peking University recently said that the shoes and apparel industry acquisition of foreign brands is beginning to "release", this phenomenon is worth our careful consideration.

The “herd effect” demonstrated the “follow-up” phenomenon for some unknown shoe and apparel companies “leaping into the acquisition of foreign brands camp.” Zhu Huaijiang believes this is obviously the result of the “herd effect”. The “herd effect” is also a “herd effect”. The flock is a very disorganized organization. It is usually blindly left and right, but as soon as there is a head of sheep moving up, other sheep will wander without hesitation, completely ignoring that there may be wolves or not far There is better grass. Therefore, the “herd effect” means that people in metaphor have a herd mentality, and herd mentality can easily lead to blind obedience, and blind obedience often falls into ** or fails.

Zhu Huaijiang said that the fierce competition in the shoe and clothing industry has always been filled with smoke, war, and high-end brands, and the search for "foreign" brands can support the face, but also prone to the "herd effect." Earlier, Anta had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to bring the Italian brand Fila China's trademark rights and operations into its pocket. Nine animal husbandry kings, special steps Quanzhou many shoes and clothing enterprises invariably make adjustments, all said they want to "burn money" to overseas acquisition of brand names. The “herd effect” not only shows the desire of the Chinese shoe and clothing industry to pursue the high-end market of shoes and clothing, but also highlights the “follow-up” phenomenon of the shoe and clothing industry. Is it right to "eat" foreign brands to "digest"? Can you go to the high end? It is worth thinking about. Buying a foreign brand is merely the acquisition of a resource. If it is not possible to convert resources into capital or capital, then it does not make sense.

Foreign brand culture is not the acquisition of foreign brands "herd effect", will it be a "collection" of the spirit? He Yancan, deputy general manager of Wenzhou Jiejie Apparel Company, stated that the acquisition of foreign brands only has a new starting point. It is useless to rely solely on hype and “acquisitionism”. Realizing the localization of overseas brands requires labor pains and fission because foreign brands The culture is difficult to acquire.

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