The Art of Cantonese Embroidery

Chaoxiu and Guangxiu are collectively known as Yuexiu, which is one of the famous Chinese embroidery.

Since the Qing Dynasty, Chaoshan women have been hardworking textiles, and women have become eleven or two years old. Their mothers are prefabricated wedding dresses, and every household has textile embroidery. Cantonese embroidered workers in the Qing Dynasty were mostly from Guangzhou and Chaozhou, and especially Chaozhou had higher skills in embroidering. Moreover, men were skilled in embroidering and were rare in other provinces and cities. Embroidery art was widely used in daily life decorations.

The embroidered embroidered gold embroidered embroidered gold embroidered with embroidered gold, rough, and high-grade embroidered features is distinguished from other embroidered species. Subjects are characters, dragons and phoenixes, Bogu, animals, flowers, etc. With rich and well-balanced composition and warm and festive colors, the atmosphere is vivid and lively, and the subject matter is created. The embroidery has produced rich and magnificent artistic effects. Embroidery embroidery has velvet embroidery, nail gold embroidery, gold velvet mixed embroidery, thread embroidery and other varieties, each with its own characteristics.

Guangxiu originates from the beautiful Pearl River Delta with beautiful scenery and fragrant flowers. It is one of the most famous Chinese embroiderers. The embroidering works are precise, subtle, and the needlework is changeable. The colorful colors are a splendid pearl in Chinese folk art. The recorded history of Guangxiu can be traced back to the deeds of Lu Mei Niang of Nanhai, Guangdong in the Tang Dynasty (805). Embroidered characters and flowers and birds embroidered are the characteristics of Guangxiu. Among them, character embroidering is one of the main products of Guangxiu. It is based on the different requirements of the manuscript. It is based on virtual reality, sparseness, layered embroidery, embroidering, line and surface combination, etc. Different methods of embroidering achieve the image of both Chinese and foreign people. The wide-embroidery birds and flowers are good at embodying the artistic style of "flat, homogeneous, fine, dense, uniform, light, and smooth". It has features such as precise composition, clear colors, varied acupuncture, and outstanding themes.

Wide embroidery features:

With a variety of lines, in addition to silk, wool, but also with the hole Fukuoka hair line, or with a horsetail wrapped for the line.

With bright colors, strong contrast, emphasis on gorgeous effects.

Use gold threads for the outline of the embroidery pattern.

The decorative pattern is full of bustling and lively and cheerful. The commonly used birds such as phoenix, prawn and prawn, bergamot and fruit have local characteristics. 5. Embroiderers are mostly male workers. Embroidery is rich in varieties, there are quilt cover, pillowcases, bed curtains, shawls, headscarves, embroidered clothes Taiwanese embroidered, shoes and hats, costumes, etc., there are mirror screens, hanging gongs, banners and so on.

Embroidery species:

Velvet Embroidery: In various silk, silk and satin, the screen is embroidered with velvet with flat embroidered stitches; the subjects are mostly birds and pheasants, used for paintings, hanging screens, etc.

Nail gold embroidery: also known as gold and silver embroidery; mainly gold and silver thread, nail gold embroidery needle complex, over the bridge, stepping needles, fishing petals, mats, concave needle, tired hook embroidery, etc. more than 60 kinds of needles, Among them, the "second pin enterprise scale" acupuncture method is not available for other kinds of embroidery. Nail gold embroidery using pad, embroidery, paste, spell, and other technology, can produce embossed artistic effect.

Line embroidery: Purely embroidered with silk thread. The tidal embroidery "Guo Ziyi Bai Shou", "The Lion Head", "Sea Dragon King", "Anchun Bird" and so on, in the second year of Xuantong (1910), the Qing government won the prize at the national craft competition held in Nanjing. Embroidery works also participated in the Panama International Exposition in 1915, participated in the London Games in 1923 and 1925, and received high international evaluation.

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