Human silk fabric sword is not old

Ren silk fabrics have been popular in the fabric market all over the country since the 1990s, and have become one of the representatives of people looking for fashion. Business introduction, the human silk is rayon, a viscose filament; can be divided into viscose fiber and acetate fiber, human silk does not need to be twisted after weaving after weaving, and its silk fabric feels like a silky slide Shun, so in the market has been favored by merchants. With the advancement of the times and the innovation of process technology, human silk fabrics have emerged new products in order to meet the needs of people in different eras.

When I visited the market, I learned that there are several Rensilk fabrics on the market that have become the best choices for autumn and winter clothing, and their sales are stable. Here are two Ren silk fabrics introduced to everyone:

An ideal fabric for fashionable women's winter clothes, the fabric has been favored by merchants all over the country due to its raw material composition ratio and weaving and dyeing style. The fabric has a width of 150 cm and a weight of about 600 grams per gram. The fabric warp senses 200D wool, and the 70D spandex yarn adopts a low twist of 600 捻. The weft styling 300 holds 70D spandex and uses 600 捻. Low-grade and harmonious. The fabric is based on the plain weave texture pattern, and the warp and weft pattern is formed by 150D rayon in the middle of the set of embedded wool felts. The fabric is based on the raw material twist and is divided into a feathered felt and a set of embedded wool felts. , The formation of shades of different styles, and its dyeing tone basically based on the dark color system, the dyeing process so that the warp and weft 600 sense of hair dyed black or other dark colors, 400 捻 条 毛 感 感 感 感 , , The rayon is left blank or dyed in other shades. In the market, black hair texture is generally used to embed light brown coffee silk felt inlays. In the middle, dark brown or white rayon fabrics are used as the leading products, and fabrics are flexible on all four sides. Named "Feeling Touches All About."

Another human silk fabric that adopts the environmental protection dyeing and finishing technology is not only the best material for producing mid-to-high grade suits and wind clothing linings, but also the ideal material for men and women shirts. It is called “Human silk picking”. This fabric warp filament 120d light rayon, weft 120d semi-extinction rayon, warp and weft density of 590 × 285/10 cm, using plain weave change organized on shuttle loom woven together. After the advanced environmental protection dyeing and finishing technology treatment, the uniqueness of the cloth surface, the strong texture of the fabric, smooth feel, good drapability, pure color, and strong durability have won the praise of the garment manufacturers. From the perspective of the colors purchased by customers in the market, there are mainly dark colors, such as traditional black, brown, navy, gray black and dark green. In addition, on the market, a woolly silky slivery fabric, the cloth warp to 150D hair silk 40D spandex and 75D man silk, and 150D weft 150D esthetic silk hold 40D spandex and 75D man silk, double weaving Made of fabrics, fabrics after a single light reduction process, soft hand, drape, dyeing and finishing process is good, good color fastness.

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