"Prince Edward" children's clothing joint creative culture to create a new model of children's wear brand

In recent years, many apparel brands have been involved in children's wear based on the ever-expanding children's wear market. However, due to the irrational industrial structure, the market tends to be homogenized, causing many children's wear brands to face a reshuffle. Therefore, price war has become the most commonly used and effective means of competition. The core strategy of resisting product homogeneity and avoiding vicious price competition lies in differentiated management. Prince Edward Dragon Holdings subsidiary under the "Dragon Prince" brand children's clothing in a grim situation unique, from the height of cultural security, invest tens of millions of dollars and the Central Propaganda Department joint production of "ancient Chinese scientists" and other large cartoon series, shaping cartoons Mascot "Dragon Prince" to create an animation belongs to China's cartoon stars; to integrate animation, children's clothing, derivative products for the industry; "Dragon Prince theme living museum" chain as an important export channel; "animation service brand, Brand support animation "for the development of principles, to build a suitable for China's national conditions and have a complete industrial chain of cultural industry innovation brand new model of operation. Making "Dragon Prince" brand rapid growth in the short term, breaking the brand dilemma, just six months, Prince Edward children's clothing has increased by more than 150 franchise stores, annual sales of tens of millions of dollars ...... Animation service brand October 2005 The establishment of Prince Edward Dragon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Through in-depth and meticulous market research and research in the early days, it was found that the domestic children's clothing market is increasingly competitive. Half of children's clothing brands at home and abroad each occupy half of the country. However, with the long-term support of domestic policies for animation, Domestic native animation level is gradually improved. In order to quickly get rid of the blood in the children's clothing market, Prince Edward Dragon adopted a similar "Wei Wei Zhao" curve business strategy: to enter the animation industry, cultivating the cartoon star "Dragon Prince" brand, in order to promote "Dragon Prince" children's clothing brand. A complete animation industry chain integrating the animation, children's clothing and derivative products industry chain and the chain store chain operation of "Dragon Prince Theme Living Pavilion" is an important output channel. "Dragon Prince" Children's clothing Prince Edward Dragon Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly with the Propaganda Department, invested 35 million yuan co-produced a "Dragon Legend - the story of ancient Chinese scientists," and other large animated series, shaping the "Succeed" concept of dragon Prince Edward "cartoon image. At the same time, "Dragon Legend" was successfully launched on CCTV and other domestic more than 200 television stations, and go abroad, boarded the three television channels in Singapore, successfully penetrated the European and American markets. Dragon Legend is not only loved by children, but also won the government, society, parents, teachers widely recognized and praised. Then the company also aimed at the timing of the animation heat, have launched a three-dimensional animated short film "Prince Edward" and invited the famous star Alfa concert "Dragon Prince's Song" through the star effect to enhance the "Dragon Prince" appeal to children, so Prince Edward image more Deep into the heart. At present, the creation of "Dragon Prince's Home Alone" will also be an opportunity to launch. "Prince Edward" children's clothing In the "Dragon Prince" animation brand building process, the company "blacksmith hot" timely introduction of Prince Edward brand children's clothing. Children's Wear To "Dragon Prince", "Dragon Babe," the two cartoon characters to develop male and female children's wear series, using cost-effective fashion fabrics and warm brand concept, close to consumers, especially children's lives and spiritual needs, and 70 After 80 young parents carefully build a traditional culture and modern civilization education, a combination of growth environment, highlighting the personality of the child. "Dragon Prince" children's clothing terminal marketing excellence, the main "Dragon Prince opened the child's IQ and emotional intelligence, experience in happiness, learning in happiness, happiness in the" atmosphere, the establishment of "Dragon Prince Growth World" Museum, to create Harmonious shopping environment, increase humane construction. For example, the recreation area setting, children's toys, etc. placed, and strive to truly create a world belonging to children. At the same time, the Prince Edward Princeton also pay more attention to the details of the artistic effect of the structure constructed by the clothing and clothing, clothing and accessories, clothing and props with a certain sense of innovation between the sense of style and theme more intuitive to give your child a perfect child National, let the children understand the good life, the ultimate ability to grasp a happy life.

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