Top UK outdoor brand FORESUN, Hurricane stationed in domestic high-end

The British top outdoor brand FORESUN calls for a passionate, self-confident, rugged, and adventurous brand spirit. Since 1972, when the British outdoor sports trend was in full swing, FORESUN began to focus on the outdoor feelings of consumers. From the brand culture and style, it vigorously tapped the rough, adventurous, and passionate state of the young people during outdoor sports, and called everyone to ignite Outdoor sports enthusiasm.

FORESUN comes from the United Kingdom. After decades of sedimentation and development, it has been deeply influenced by the history and culture of the British Army’s outdoor survival. It has forged a style of outdoor exploration of character. It has injected modern outdoor life with different passions and adventures. Not only meet the functional and practical needs of outdoor adventurer's clothes, but also let men feel their personal feelings and vicissitudes.

FORESUN adheres to the military personality's unique personality, thus creating an outdoor equipment with a military uniform character, exploring the highest practicality and functionality of the product in outdoor leisure, allowing outdoor leisure life, fashion and functionality. "FORESUN" will lead the outdoor brand new trend in the design and terminal operation of products in 2011;

FORESU has a distinctive and full-featured military casual style apparel brand. Currently, it has established more than 50 terminal shops in the mainland market. In 2011, FORESUN introduced a brand new development strategy, implemented a brand new upgrade project, and achieved brand standardization and rapid expansion of scale efficiency. It is expected that in 2012, the brand standard operation management operation model will be fully implemented, and the number of domestic terminal stores will be upgraded to 150. Supply and marketing strategic partnership. Become a leading fashion military leisure brand with military uniform charm.

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