2010/2011 autumn and winter underwear trends

Lead: Inspiration comes from Victorian leotards, sports tights, and cage-like structures of the period to create the appearance of anatomical themes.


Inspired by Victorian tights, sports tights and cage-like structures of the period, the appearance of anatomical themes was created. Using lightweight poplin and transparent cotton gauze to create loose, breathable Victoria-inspired lingerie and strap structure, we played with a loose and restrictive profile. Lace inlays, embellishments, and white embroidered fabrics can be made in fabric-like patterns or patterns in industrial times.



Get inspiration from uniform uniforms and tight Victorian rider jackets. Through the use of buttons, tassels, wire trimmings, and the use of narrow, flat ribbon weaves along the seams, we can create a sense of uniform.


Inspiration comes from meaningful journeys and touching gestures influenced by emotions and powerful female silhouettes. Emotive-themed lingerie is a mix of beautiful elements and fragile details, creating a dramatic romantic story. Under the influence of positive feelings, we are also affected by the idyllic and luxurious pastoral life with a long history. We embrace the handcrafted and worn-out aesthetics to approach the scene at that time. Concerned about wearing old and nostalgic photos and decorations as a fresh way to forge sophisticated luxury.

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