the Carnaby fall and winter fashion rebel cradle

This fall and winter of the series still adheres to the Carnaby fashion rebellious style, dominated by black, gray and white lines, a perfect interpretation of the independent attitude of Stefanie self-innovation and independent new feminism. Models dressed in a hit hit the black-based colors of autumn and winter clothing debut to show and interpretation of the exquisite or gorgeous or simple or tough different styles, highlights the Yanzi for the Carnaby series contains modern women fearless, the pursuit of individuality, with Point of mystery traits. Designer Stefanie's Dream "In fact, as a designer is my dream has always been, I am very pleased to be able to show their thoughts and feelings of life in this way." Love self-challenging, self-Beyond, always Everyone brings a new surprise. As her music, Yanzi the poet of her delicate life attitude, meticulous clarity in her fashion design. In the design process, Yan Zi both emphasis on the observability of apparel, but also focus on their practicality. She prefers some bold, groundbreaking designs, and at the same time, hopes that these garments will wear and maintain their style. "The colors for this fall's winter are mostly black, and the black ones are natural. I express different sensations through different materials, so that I can work best with different outfits." "The Carnaby" inherits the fineness of Carnaby Street Gene - the cradle of fashion rebels, uninhibited creative frenzy, giving birth to an endless stream of unique high-quality fashion design.

Tiara / Crown

10Inch-20Inch Tiara,5Inch-10Inch Tiara,3Inch-5Inch Tiara

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