Amoy Emperor children's clothing to enjoy the gentle sea

Amoy Emperor children's clothing to the marine theme, to create personalized fashion, financial trends and the integration of Chinese culture, interpretation of the European alternative. TOPBI for their parents: They have a higher aesthetic discriminative power, not blindly blind domestic culture of foreign garbage. In the dress of their children, their aesthetic tends to be internationalized, requiring dress generous, stylish, positive, naive, etc .; they attach importance to the practicality and quality of garments, requiring apparel safety, comfort, environmental protection and so on. TOPBI For Kids: They are confident, motivated, enjoyable and enjoy a wide variety of social and cultural activities. Their demand for dress is both popular in the world and self-personality. Product objects Age: 3 years old to 14 years Product object Height: 100cm to 160 + cm Amoy children's wear to join details: 38% of the national retail price of supply: 1, to pay the franchise fee; 2, exchange rate: in the distribution 3, the company unified decoration design, according to the actual situation of a full set of containers shipped; 4, according to the size of the store set the first purchase amount

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