Love beautiful holiday polka series underwear strong holiday style

This is a product series with a strong sense of festival, suitable as a gift, red and white color - warm and festive; black and white color - the classic heritage, people never tire of. Will be flexible printed mesh fabric, and lace, lotus leaf and other decorative techniques combined to create a happy atmosphere.

爱美丽节日波尔卡系列内衣 强烈的节假日风情

product description:
1. Printed mesh fabric, good elasticity, soft feel, comfortable to wear;
2 appearance of the low waist in the design, suitable for more shape;
3 with a sense of folds texture and lotus leaf shoulder with perfect, beautiful appearance;
4. Pretty and lovely appearance, lotus leaf decoration, exquisite delicate lace design, the front center ribbons and metal stars embellishment, bringing more romantic atmosphere, long and lovely knee skirt;
5. Cup double-layer design, enhance practicality;
6. as a petticoat, with wear;
7. When exposed with lace and other small details, more personalized fashion, highlighting the style

爱美丽节日波尔卡系列内衣 强烈的节假日风情

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