2011 Business Opportunities

From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and to the just-concluded Guangzhou Asian Games, various events have pushed China to the forefront of the world. In 2011, China was doomed to be an extraordinary one. The 26th World University Games will be held in Shenzhen, the fastest growing city in China. The world-famous World Horticultural Exposition will also be held on April 28 to October 22, 2011 in Xi'an, China.

With the approaching of the Shenzhen Universiade and Xi'an World Horticultural Society, various business opportunities have also emerged. In addition to tourism, catering, hotel industry and other traditional industries can grasp this business opportunities, in addition to a lot of income, gifts and souvenirs, licensed merchandise for the theme of the Universiade and the World Federation of Parks will also become a field of business disputes .

At the opening ceremony of the Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition’s licensed products held in November, the reporter was informed that during the 178-day World Horticultural Club session, thousands of franchised products will be launched, and sales are expected to reach RMB 3 to 500 million.

It is understood that the franchise products of the World Garden Club include gifts, toys, precious metals, gemstone products, clocks, stationery, personal and home accessories, etc. These franchised products are based on the idea of ​​“green leads the fashion” and advocate and encourage innovative ideas and high quality. The development and production of environmentally-friendly and healthy commodities introduces different types and characteristics of products for different levels of consumer demand to meet the needs of consumer investment collections, gifts and personal consumption.

The World Horticultural Exposition is in full swing. The side of the Universiade commodity market is also getting smoke. It is understood that many Asian Games collections retailers are worried that the Asian Games collection will not be able to sell after the opening of the Asian Games, but it is clear that business concerns are redundant, and many Asian Games collections are even sold out several times. A retailer told reporters: “In addition to some stamps and the second set of Asian gold and silver coins, other goods are too difficult to make up.” Sometimes even replenishment, the amount is very limited, and soon will be cleared. It is understood that most of the buyers who purchase Asian Games collections are visitors from other places. Many of them are buying Asian gold and silver coins and silver bars as “letters”. Nearly every tourist purchases two or three types of collections.

Faced with the fierce sales of licensed products, souvenirs and collections of the Asian Games that have ended, all business opportunities have long been aimed at business opportunities in the Universiade.

The opening ceremony of the flagship store for licensed merchandise at the 26th World University Games in Shenzhen was held on November 10 in Yitian Holiday Plaza, Overseas Chinese Town. Up to now, more than 25 franchise producers in Shenzhen have produced and developed more than 900 licensed special merchandise products, which will be displayed at licensed flagship stores.

According to the person in charge of the Market Development Department of the Universiade Executive Board, since the launch of the Universiade franchise work in January 2010, there have been more than 25 franchise producers and 26 franchised retailers, including the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games. The concession companies that continued along the way, and Shenzhen local quality private enterprises entering the Universiade franchise sequence, is a bright spot.

At present, these manufacturers have produced and developed more than 900 licensed products, covering a total of badge jewelry, luggage leather goods, plush toys, precious metal collections, digital products, clothing shoes and hats, jewelry jade, daily-use porcelain, office stationery, There are 13 major commodities such as the Shenzhen Tongka subway. The Universiade authorized merchandise sales terminal headed by the flagship store will be divided into flagship stores, image stores, specialty stores, sales counters, and sales outlets.

On November 27th, Shenzhen Jinboyuan Fine Manufacture Co., Ltd. sponsored, 2010 Shenzhen Universiade Chartered Business Department and Shenzhen Jideng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. co-organized the “Love Pass Kyushu Rivalry” New Year Love Gift Package and 2010 Shenzhen Universiade License Product. The new product launch conference was held in Shenzhen Zhongnan Haiyi Hotel. A number of gift companies in Shenzhen and surrounding areas have come to the Nuggets. At the press conference, the latest batch of licensed merchandise will be available to the public. Including a variety of beautifully shaped, unique glass craft souvenirs, as well as various collections of commemorative badges and other commodities. The organizer of the conference stated that the Shenzhen Universiade brought business opportunities to Shenzhen and also brought business opportunities to Shenzhen's gift companies.

For the public gift merchants, the Olympic Games, the World Expo, the Universiade, and the World Federation of Parks are all good opportunities to storm sales. "Olympic gifts, Asian Games gifts, gifts" is not only creative, well-designed, but also has considerable commemorative value. And the extension of these gifts is very extensive, precious precious metals, small keychains, medals and other gadgets, but the emphasis is on the theme of the goods related to the conference.

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